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About Us

Based in Chelmsford, Essex & Rayleigh. Essex Dippers specialise in Plasti Dip Liquid Vehicle Wrapping. Plasti Dip is a liquid vehicle wrapping system that’s applied directly onto your existing vehicle’s paintwork to give your car that brand new ‘straight from the showroom’ feel and appeal.

What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti Dip is a rubberised paint that can be used on both vehicles and wheels. This style of changing the colour of your car rather than having it resprayed or vinyl wrapped is becoming ever more popular. Plasti Dip resists alkaline, acids, salts, moisture, abrasion, and most chemicals, and is an insulating dielectric coating. It will not crack, chip or peel, and will remain flexible even under severe conditions (-34ºc to +93ºc). Plasti Dip is suitable for all vehicles and carries an extremely low risk to paintwork damage when removing.

This is a truly unique and extremely versatile spray painting concept tried and tested for over three decades. Originating from the USA, created and first manufactured during the 1970′s for the Marine industry, Plasti Dip is an exciting and very cost effective alternative to respraying or vinyl wrapping your car. Using Liquid wrapping you can change the colour (Gloss or Matte) and protect your vehicle’s existing paintwork.

Notice: Plasti Dip does not cause any damage to factory finished vehicles what so ever. If your vehicle has had bodywork repairs done to it please contact us before booking in because it has been known that Plasti Dip can cause lacquer to peel on poorly repaired areas and Essex Dippers will not be held liable for any potential damage sustained.

If you’re unsure whether your vehicle has been repaired or not in the past, please contact us for our expert opinion and advice before proceeding to book in.

Essex Dippers only use original Plasti Dip. Plasti Dip can be dipped, brush coated and sprayed. Other companies promoting this product use between 4 & 5 coats of Plasti Dip.

Essex Dippers like to go one step further and apply between 7 – 9 coats to enhance the strength, durability and finish. Adding more layers gives greater protection and grip.

We’re a two man team and naturally both of us are mad about cars. Delivering quality, affordable results is what we strive for and our customer satisfaction comments show this. Providing the highest quality at the very best prices, we treat your car as if it were our own. Essex Dippers have everything you need to completely change the look of your wheels. Have a good browse through our website and give us a call. No obligation.

What Our Customers Say

We do not just dip cars!

We have also Plasti Dipped kitchen cupboard doors, BMX frames and many other unique things. Plasti Dip can go on absolutely anything and it will still peel!


In the recent months a few ‘new’ plasti dipping companies have now begun trading. Please ensure you do your homework on any company before allowing them to plasti dip your vehicle or items because we have had a fair few customers coming to us for assistance when they cannot peel their vehicle / item. This is because some companies are using the false version of Plasti Dip which is mixed with car paint to allow better coverage and less use of plasti dip thus resulting in more profit for them and future problems for you!